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Microsoft® SQL Server Data Recovery Service
SQL Server Data Recovery Service

Providing recovery Solutions for MS SQL Server

  SQL Server is an extremely powerful database management system designed for enterprise level environments, organizations and users with advanced data storage requirements. MSSQL (Aka. Structured Query Language) offers a wide array of tools to simplify the burdens of database development, maintenance and administrations. SQL Server is widely known as one of the featured database systems in the market today along with other well known database structures such as Oracle, MYSQL, Paradox, Interbase and many others.

  Often SQL database files such as the .MDF, .NDF, .BAK or .LDF become damaged or corrupted due to a variety of issues. Data Recovery Aid has developed proprietary techniques that allow us to repair and/or recover critical data stored within these damaged SQL data files. Our skilled database technicians swiftly access the situation and present you with a recovery plan based on your individual needs and the scope of your particular problem.

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   Data Recovery Aid has developed state of the art recovery methods, giving us a distinct edge over our competitors.  We are knowledgeable and strive to provide each of our clients with the highest level of recovery support.  Below we have provided an array of common issue you might face when dealing with a SQL server crash.  We hope that you will consider allowing Data Recovery Aid to provide you with a solution should you ever find yourself in need of a SQL database recovery service.

Common recoverable SQL server database errors.

  • Dropped or Deleted Tables
  • Unexpected SQL Server shutdown
  • File System Corruption
  • Read/Write Errors
  • Virus infections
  • Running Out of Disk Space
  • Failed Hardware such as RAID or Hard Drive Crash
  • Memory allocation error during DBCC processing.
  • The repair level on the DBCC statement caused this repair to be bypassed.
  • The system cannot self repair this error
  • Could not find a table or object named xxx
  • Index 'INDEX_NAME' on table 'OBJECT_NAME' is marked offline
  • Human Errors such as accidentally dropped tables

Full support for all versions of Microsoft® SQL Server

  •  2008, 2008 Express, 2005, 2005 Express, 2000, 7.0 and 6.5
  •  x32 and x64 versions supported
A few guidelines to follow when faced with any SQL data loss situation.
  • First and foremost be sure to make copies of all associated SQL data files, move these copies to an external and secure location.  This way you are able to safely attempt different recovery procedures without fear of compromising the original data.  Then if you find you are unable to restore the database yourself you can seek the help of a professional recovery company like Data Recovery Aid.  Our Technicians will want to work on the database in it's original condition, so we can properly diagnose the issue and form a plan for recovery.
  • If in doubt contact Data Recovery Aid and discuss with one of our Technicians your best plan of action prior to making any recovery attempts, unlike many data recovery companies we will consult with you and try to help you recover on your own.  Only if no other option is available, only then will we recommend sending your data in for recovery.

SQL Data Recovery Service
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