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Hard Disk Drive Repair

   Data Recovery Aid is a leading provider of physical hard drive repair.  We offer a fully equipped Class 100 clean room facility.  This coupled with some of the finest hard drive technicians available in the industry, give us the ability to repair physically damaged hard drives and recover data where many other companies fail.  Our lab has been performing successful drive repairs since 1985 on all types and sizes of  desktop hard drives, laptop disk drives, SCSI, SATA and solid state drives.

   With over 20 years of experience, there is not much our technicians have not seen.  If your hard drive is clicking, whirling, tapping, grinding or if the drive is not spinning at all, even extreme cases of water or heat damage.  Chances are very good we can repair the drive and recover your valuable data.  Most hard drives can be repaired and data recovered within 3-5 days at the "standard" level service.  We do offer "priority" level service if time is critical.  Of course as you would expect all data recovered from your hard drive is protected by our strict non-disclosure, your security is extremely important to us.
   The is diagram shown below is a picture of the internal working of a hard drive.  This happens to be a SCSI drive, but most drive use the same internal parts.  Data is stored on the "platters" and read by the "heads", as long as the platters remain undamaged data recovery is almost always possible.  Its extremely important not to open these drives outside of a clean room, magnetic properties will pull contaminates out of the air and scratch the platters causing data to be unrecoverable. 
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   It is not recommended that you use a repaired hard drive, typically data is recovered and transferred to another form of storage media then sent to the client.  We offer several options for return media including secure FTP servers, DVD and external hard drives for purchase at competitive prices, you are also welcome to include your own return media.  We do whatever is necessary to get your data back to you both safely and securely. 


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