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   Logical hard drive recovery refers to any hard drive that has suffered data loss, but is not physically damaged.  These drives would be recognized in the PC's bios, but may or may not show up as a usable drive.  Data Recovery Aid excels in recovering hard drive which have suffered some type of data loss due to a formatted drive, dropped partition, virus infection, accidentally or intentionally deleted data.  Even extreme cases such as a format with a new OS installation.  Don't let your hours of work, those precious wedding photos, your baby's first steps or that book you have been working on for years be lost due to a hard drive related issue.  We can help you!
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   You will be pleased to know logical hard drive recovery work is the least expensive of our hard drive services.  We offer a completely free evaluation of the drive to confirm that the data you are interested in is in fact recoverable.  The evaluation process typically takes between 12-24 hours and you will be provided detailed information concerning the condition of your data.  Once you have all the facts you can make an informed decision about proceeding with the drive recovery.  Normally we are able to use the supplied drive as a form of return media for any recovered data, however we do offer wide selection of return media for your convenience and budget. 
   Another hard drive service Data Recovery Aid offers is forensic drive recovery, these recoveries are usually reserved for employers who would like to evaluate a drive and find out specific information about the contents of a hard drive.  We have worked with police and government agencies to recover specific data and provided information about how a drive has been used and what was stored on the drive.  Even in cases where data has been intentionally deleted in an attempt to hide information or hinder litigation.
   If your hard drive is not spinning, clicking, tapping or making some strange noise, chances are you have a physically damaged hard drive.  We can certainly help you with this type of problem,  you may want to check out our page on Hard Drive Repair.  This page will give you a more in depth look at drive repair and what to expect if you have suffered a serious drive crash.
Hard Drive Data Repair
You may also have a failed or failing hard drive if you see error codes of "No Operating System Found", "Hard drive not found", "Head select error", "Drive read failure", "Drive write failure", "Bad track error", "Bad sector error" or have received the dreaded BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH... These are the most common but there are many others.


Here are a few examples of errors you may experience, all of these errors are signs of a failed or failing hard drive.


1701 Fixed disk general POST error
1702 Drive/controller time-out error
1703 Drive seek error
1704 Controller failed
1705 Drive sector not found error
1706 Write fault error
1707 Drive track O error
1708 Head select error
1709 Error Correction Code (ECC) error
1710 Sector buffer overrun
1711 Bad address mark
1712 Internal controller diagnostics failure
1713 Data compare error
1714 Drive not ready
1715 Track O indicator failure
1716 Diagnostics cylinder errors
1717 Surface read errors
1718 Hard drive type error
1720 Bad diagnostics cylinder
1726 Data compare error
1730 Controller error
1731 Controller error
1732 Controller error
1733 BIOS undefined error return
1735 Bad command error
1736 Data corrected error
1737 Bad track error
1738 Bad sector error
1739 Bad initialization error
1740 Bad sense error
1750 Drive verify failure
1751 Drive read failure
1752 Drive write failure
1753 Drive random read test failure
1754 Drive seek test failure
1755 Controller failure
1756 Controller Error Correction Code (ECC) test failure
1757 Controller head select failure
1780 Seek failure; drive 0
1781 Seek failure; drive 1
1782 Controller test failure
1790 Diagnostic cylinder read error; drive 0
1791 Diagnostic cylinder read error; drive 1

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