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Laptop Hard Drive Repair and Data Recovery

2.5" Laptop Drive Repair and Data Recovery Services.

   Our laptop hard drive recovery team is very skilled at repairing any drives that have suffered physical damage such as crashed heads, bad servos, power surges even in some cases hard disks that have been damaged by fire and water.  Our technicians have over 20 successful years in the hard drive repair business and are available anytime day or night to make sure you get your critical data back.  We offer a full Class 100 clean room for all physically damaged hard drives.  You can rest easy knowing your laptop drive is in qualified hands.  Our lab is recognized as a qualified drive repair facility and all of your original manufacturer warranties will still apply even if it is necessary to open the drive casing to perform the repairs.

   We are also capable of handling any logical drive problems such as dropped partitions, corrupted file systems, drive format with a fresh OS installation and file deletions.  Forensic drive recovery and evaluation of hard drive file systems for specific data is also available. 

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  How you handle your damaged drive is important to the recovery process there are a few things you can do to increase the chances of a successful hard drive data recovery procedure.  Following these few rules can greatly increase the chances that we can successfully repair your drive.  First power off the hard drive, do not cycle the power repeatedly.  This will not help and in many cases can cause electrical issues and power fluctuations that will further damage the disk.  Do not freeze the drive, this can cause condensation to form internally, water and electronics do not mix.  Your best bet is to remove the hard drive from the laptop if you are able, if not we will be happy to assist you with this process.  Prepare the hard drive for shipment to our lab, securely package the drive much like you would if you were shipping glass, using a static proof bag if available.  Then contact our qualified hard drive repair technicians.  We will walk you through the rest of the process in about 5 minutes and you will be well on your way to recovering all of your lost data.

Repair service for all hard drive and laptop manufacturers

  • Hitachi®
  • Maxtor®
  • IBM®
  • Samsung®
  • Gateway®
  • Toshiba®
  • Seagate®
  • Fujitsu®
  • Dell®
  • Compaq®

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