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Database repair and file recovery services for many platforms

    Database recovery and file repair differs somewhat from tradition data recovery.  Typically file repair requires an intimate knowledge of the specific software platform and specialized training. Data Recovery Aid has assembled a team of technicians, each with extensive training in their respective field. If you are suffering from a damaged Quickbooks file, Corrupt Peachtree data set, Errors within an Exchange Server or dropped tables in a SQL database, we have a extensive network of specialist who can quickly repair your database and help restore your critical data. You will work one on one with a dedicated technician, questions will be answered and suggestions will be given to avoid future problems. Our goal is to not only fix your problem but also to help you eliminate future data loss.
   Data Recovery Aid is proud to offer a multitude of services relating to the repair of most every major database available today, We have spent years developing, researching and providing solutions for almost every type of damaged database.  If you are suffering some type of database failure there is a very good chance we will be able to help you find a solution to the problem. 
   Often we find database repair and data recovery compliment one and other, damaged hard drives and corrupted RAID arrays commonly suffer from bad sectors or corrupted file systems. This type of damage can adversely affect complex database files. Even a single tiny bad sector can cause a complete failure of the database.  For example: A RAID array which suffers a multiple disk failure may also damage  a portion of the data where your Exchange mail server .EDB database is stored, or a hard drive crashes and suffers from bad sectors where a Quickbooks company file resides.  Quite often these databases are recoverable. However, without a qualified engineer to perform database repair work, utilizing the proper utilities the database will not function properly.  Beware of companies that do not offer both recovery and repair services, often we hear horror stories about clients who receive data from less than reputable recovery companies, only to find out to their dismay that the critical databases do not function as they should.  To avoid this, we test your recovered data and provide detailed information about the condition of recovered data.  This allows you as a client can make informed decisions concerning your particular job.  Our goal is to get you back up and running 100%.  We want you to be able to feel confident that your getting a quality and complete data recovery solutions.
   Below we have provided a list of the most common software platforms from which we are able to provide recovery and database repair solutions to clients who have suffered some form of database failure. If you do not see your database type listed below please contact us and consult with our technicians, we will be happy to help you find a recovery solution. All consultations are completely free. 
  • Microsoft® Exchange Server
    Jet Errors, Dirty Shutdowns, Damaged mailboxes
  • Quickbooks by Intuit®
    -6000 errors, c=44, "Connection to the company file has been lost"
  • Peachtree by Sage® Software
    Error 54, Unable to determine security privileges, I/O errors
  • Microsoft® Access
    Damaged indexes, Table recovery, Corrupt data
  • Interbase and Firebird
    Accidentally dropped tables, Deleted data
  • Outlook and Outlook Express
    Lost email, Damaged data store, deleted email

  • Microsoft® SQL Server
    Dropped tables, File system corruption, Virus damage
  • MySQL Databases
    Read/Write errors, Deleted tables, Crashed hard drives
  • PostgreSQL
    Damaged data fields, Lost tables, Corrupt headers
  • Paradox
    Dropped tables, corrupt data fields
  • Visual FoxPro
    Recover table structure, corrupt data, deleted files
  • Oracle®
    Table and Field recovery, Read/Write errors, hardware failure
   Experiencing a critical data loss scenario is a stressful and aggravating ordeal at best.  If the worst has happen and you have no choice but to seek the help of a profession data recovery service, we hope you will give us a call and give us a chance to be that provider.  
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