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The goal at Data Recovery Aid is to provide fast and affordable data recovery services to all of our clients. It does not matter if you are a large corporation, government agency, small business or just a home user. Our professional recovery technicians will provide recovery solutions quickly, securely and at a cost that remains well within anyone's budget. We have technicians who specialize in nearly every form of data recovery or repair. Be it a crashed and physically damaged hard drive, damaged database files or lost pictures of your wedding. No job is too large or small and every client is treated with the highest level of courtesy and professionalism.
For more information on what Data Recovery Aid can do to help you, browse our offered services and click on the link which best describes your issue, there you can learn more about our recovery solutions and make informed decisions that best suit your needs. If you do not see your problem listed, or would like to speak directly to a qualified technician please contact us by phone or request a quote via email.
So...Why you should choose Data Recovery Aid as your data recovery solution provider?
  • No-data-No charge policy.
  • Free Evaluations on Many Common Recovery Scenarios.
  • Absolute 100% Non-disclosure!!!
  • Rapid turn around (1-3 day for most services)
  • Emergency services (12-24 hour turn around) weekends included!
  • Many years of combined successful data recovery experience.
  • Professional Level Service for all of our Clients.
  • Advanced hardware and software techniques allowing us to recover data when others have failed
  • Up front firm price quotes and that you can count on.
  • Flat rate pricing on many of our recovery solutions!

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    Data Recovery Aid is proud to be able to offer a full Class-100 clean room for all physically damaged hard drives. We have assembled a team of the most knowledgeable technicians available in the industry. All this with one goal in mind... provide unparalleled service on each and every recovery, be it a physical drive failure or logical problems such as dropped partitions, deleted data, virus attacks or accidental format.

    Our lab is well equip to handle any data loss scenario
    including servers such as RAID, NAS, and SAN systems with broken logical volumes caused by one or more physically failed drives within the array. Logical issues such as damaged or volume information, dropped partitions and accidentally or in some cases intentionally deleted data.

    We also offer database repair services for most every file format including Microsoft®
    Exchange Server (Priv.edb and Pub.edb), Peachtree by Sage®, Microsoft Office Suite®, MSSQL and MySQL, Quickbooks by Intuit®, and many more. We have a dedicated team of database engineers, each specializing in different database structures, and all helping to round out our service and provide a recovery solution for the most complex and time sensitive of data loss situations. Very few data recovery services are able to offer such a wide array of services making Data Recovery Aid truly unique in the industry.
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    Free Evaluations on many recovery services

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